Great 8 Flower Arrangements for Christmas

Christmas Standing Tall Flower Arrangement

standing tall christmas flower arrangementOur double Christmassy tins, the bargain get from the Wal-Mart, make the following easy arrangement of Gladioli and Gerberas striking.


Fit the blocks of the water soaked floral foam in the containers and affix stems of lengthy standing flowers as we have utilized. These strong flowers are obtainable through out year. So, these are easily obtainable.

Cover up the stems bottom with any sturdy, thick palm type which is bendable. Cover it around base and make safe at back with the U-pin or join ends into foam.

Utilize color to this, to get best advantage. Because it is a double arrangement, you have to create the contrast with whites and reds.

Welcome Home – Hanging Christmas Flower Arrangement

welcome home christmas flower arrangementAcquire genuine creative and receive and knockout guests with a reversed over the head ‘chandelier style’ hanging Christmas flower arrangement for your porch. This is certain to show up as your finest decorating, and we would not let out secret!


First, you need to set up a base for the Christmas flower arrangement. Place 3 twigs shaping the triangle and tie the overlapping edges with the jute rope building the loop for hanging. See the image given below.

Position a twig triangle above the floral foam brick and tie the foam with the florist wires.

Rotate the base. This is place to start arranging the flowers like if this were the regular up right standing Christmas flower arrangement.

Utilize flowers with lengthy stems which go through in to the foam and go total way back as well as stick out of foam between wires. Initiate by insertion white color gerberas in center as well as all four sides. Add orchids as well as fill in vacant spaces with the greens.

Pour the water above the foam. Foam will shrink as well as hold the flower stem tightly. Rotate this upside down and suspend this Christmas flower arrangement in your porch, hallway or doorway from a rope loop.

Exquisite Red Christmas Floral Arrangement

exquisite red christmas floral arrangementUse 2 placements on the circular base, taller one which is in the gold color wicker container, along with the floral foam for mechanics. Those two christmas flower arrangements useful for same plant stuff. Useful foliage for this designs is Picea-pungens glauca, dried Eucalyptus, Fatshedera lizei, Fatsia japonica variegata, Mahonia japonica, Hedera-helix deltoidea, and ‘Sulphur Heart’ Hedera colchica.

The useful flowers are red Carnations, red Roses, and Chrysanthemums ‘Kermit’. Use few gold artificial foliage and flowers, gold wicker-spheres, artificial red-grapes, and gold ribbon.

In this top Christmas flower arrangement, 3 gold candle-holders, with dark-green candles are added.

At last, for linking the 2 designs together, they have added the small statue of Father Christmas, wearing clothes in red, green and gold – to add the bit of festive and fun spirit!

Copper – Orange Christmas Flower Arrangement

orange copper christmas flower arrangement 1 They have used the willow ring like the container to this Christmas flower arrangement in copper and orange colors.

The plastic bowl just fits in to a hole, as well as floral foam are used for supporting plant material.

The picture demonstrates one side of Christmas Flower arrangement and they have utilized three copper colored candles of different heights, and 2 copper colored wicker balls are to do again the coloring of candles.

The copper colored bow is utilized on other side on this Christmas flower copper christmas flower arrangement 2

The flowers utilized are apricot color Roses, and orange Lilies round to other side of Christmas flower arrangement.

They have added 2 satsumas, to pick the color of Lilies, and those have been pierced on the barbecue sticks for keeping them in the position.

Foliage utilized is a blue conifer, blue Picea-pungens glauca, Heuchera ‘Pewter-Veil’ xFatshedera-lizei ‘Anna-Mikkels’ (variegated), and xFatshedera-lizei (plain), Tellima grandi flora, and Ilex “Silver-Queen’ (variegated-Holly) those foliage has beautiful maroon-veins in the winter.

Christmas Tree Flower Arrangement

christmas tree flower arrangementIn this Christmas Tree flower arrangement, they have utilized the gold sprayed basketry pot as the container.

They have utilized a dry-foam cone as the tree, and attached it in the position in top of pot.

Next, starting from base of cone, they have pinned Ivy-leaves in the rows around that cone, bringing first row downward over rim of container.

Every leaf as well as row must slightly overlap, such that foam should not displayed.

They have utilized quite swelling Ivy leaves for the Christmas flower arrangement, instead of flat leaves, which gives a little irregular look to this.

They have pinned few artificial gold leaves at the intervals all round the Christmas flower arrangement, to get a bit of the festival spirit to design!

At last, they have added few tiny gold berries, which are pinned with some intervals.

Silver-White Christmas Flower Arrangement

silver white christmas flower arrangementThey have utilized the silver base, as well as the silver shallow dish with the floral foam as container. For getting the height, they have used few silver paint curled palm-stems, with few silver glittery ting ting.

Foliage utilized was Pice-pungens glauca (Blue Spruce), dried Eucalyptus, Fatsia-japonica variegata, Hedera-helix ‘Erecta’, Aspidistra-elatior variegata, and Hedera-colchica variegata. Flowers utilized were total white, and also Carnations, Lissianthus (Eustoma), and Lilies for focal point.

They have used 3 silver white candles in center, for giving a festival feel! For finishing the Christmas flower arrangement, they have cut round a string of iridescent beads, and supplemented the group of glass- cubes at front, which look like ice cubes.

Orange- Bronze – Copper Christmas Flower Arrangement

orange copper bronze flower arrangementThey have utilized the brown color rectangular base, as well as two copper / bronze colored rectangular containers, taller one positioned behind longer one. Those containers are lined with the black plastic, like they are made of the sisal on the metal frame work, and are somewhat see through.

They distended the containers with newspaper, as well as added the floral foam, and wrapped in the black plastic, for mechanics.

For getting height,they have utilized few Phormium-tenax purpureum, and few copper colored ting ting. Other foliages utilized are Fatshedera lizei, Rubus tricolour, Hedera-colchica variegata, and Hedera-helix ‘Erecta’. Flowers utilized are “Narinja” Rosa, Anigozanthos (Kangaroo-Paw), and Chrysanthemums “Kermit”.

They have also utilized few copper colored artificial grapes and leaves. For linking the 2 containers, they have utilized few bronze ribbons, and placed few artificial bronze colored apples at base of Christmas flower arrangement.

Elegant Floral Arrangement for Your Christmas Table

Using the 16 cm Oasis ring, wrap the base by double layer of the foil and fold that foil in to a ring. It will prevent ring from the wetting a table while that is moistened. Put a candle in centre of oasis ring. (Use the candle of 4 mm to 5 mm diameter)

table top christmas floral arrangement 1

Use different greenery, like Fern, Holly, variegated Pittosporum and Ivy.

table top christmas floral arrangement 2

The usage of the foliage supplements life to Christmas flower arrangement. Start with darker foliage ( like Holly) making certain to place it down above edges of tin foil.

table top christmas floral arrangement 3

Then, put Ivy tendrils in oasis ring. Next insert variegated Pittosporum.

table top christmas floral arrangement 4

Then put Eucalyptus pods (sprayed-gold) and intersperse a little gold baubles.

table top christmas floral arrangement 5

Then add twenty red roses with quite short stems.

table top christmas floral arrangement 6


table top christmas floral arrangement 7

WOW Christmas Flower Arrangement is ready.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year

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